Jonathan Goodman

CEO London & New York Jonathan leads from the front and keeps the culture buzzing.

Ben Golik

Chief Creative Officer Ben believes in makers, not managers.

Claire Cootes

Chief Operating Officer Claire makes us all more efficient. And we like it.

Graham Phillips

Chief Strategy Officer, New York, Graham has a brain big enough to straddle the Atlantic.

Georgia Graham-Leigh

Managing Director, New York, Georgia eats Big Apples for breakfast.

Victoria Curro

Managing Director, Sydney, Victoria heads a team of 50 down under.

Lucy Acheson

Head of Data Strategy, Sydney, Lucy digs deep to uncover actionable insights in data.

Emily Wright

Managing Partner, London, Emily brings smarts and energy to every room.

Mark Smith

Managing Partner, London, Mark is an entrepreneurial leader who has run his own agency.

Annabel Mackie

Managing Partner, London, Annabel is heavily involved in the group’s parents network.

Rich Donovan

A Brit abroad, Sydney Creative Director Rich Donovan is loving his new home in Oz.

Spencer White

The new Creative Director of LIDA London, Spencer takes work from good to great.