Chief Strategy Officer, London

Janie Rees

Chief Strategy Officer

The thing I love most about my job is… the opportunity to work on some of the most interesting problems of our times…and stretch my brain every single day. It’s a privilege and a blessing to be in this position.

We’ll make work people welcome if… we connect with them emotionally, with the most relevant and truthful messaging. Good old fashioned authenticity and heart go a long, long way as we move ever deeper into the digital age.

Before LIDA I… I had NO IDEA how much fun Jono Goodman and Ben Golik are. Like, serious, laugh til your belly hurts fun. And kind too.

Outside of LIDA I… sing (a lot), and LOVE to be in the great outdoors… Think freezing beaches, outdoor swimming and walks in the rain. # Welsh to my bones. (It’s compulsory to be immune to weather if you’re Welsh).

I want a robot that… solves the loneliness issue for older people. I love what the Japanese are doing in this space. We recently bought my husband’s 94 year old Grandmother an iPad – it’s opened a whole new world to her (and us). She absolutely loves it.