LIDA turned trending news issues into investment opportunities to launch Invesco’s new funds across Europe.

How we capitalised on global uncertainty for Invesco

With so much global turmoil, we knew IFAs would welcome the launch of a fund taking a positive view of the most contentious news stories.

That money can be made in good times and in bad, is an accepted truth of the investment market. With global uncertainty rife around issues such as Brexit and US-China trade wars, the outlook has never been so uneven.

Against this backdrop, we worked with Invesco to launch their new range of ETFs. Unlike a traditional mutual fund that is traded once a day when markets close, Exchange-Traded Funds track an index and are bought and sold repeatedly during trading hours.

This flexible, reactive model moves faster in volatile times.

To bring to life the idea that investment opportunities exist on either side of an argument (for example, leave or remain), we collaborated with the renowned Economist magazine illustrator, Noma Bar.

Each execution in the campaign features visuals that reveal a second illustration in the negative space. The campaign tracked three hot topics: the trade war between America and China, the impact of responsible investing and the rise of blockchain technology.

Just like the hidden images in the illustrations, the campaign’s simple message reinforced that an Invesco ETF is ideal for ‘unseen opportunities’.

The campaign ran in five European markets, across press, digital, DOOH, events and a partnership with WIRED magazine.

Nic Basson, Head of UK Retail and EMEA ETF marketing at Invesco said: “We’re so proud of this piece of work. It is proof that Financial Services advertising doesn’t need to rely on cliched analogies and men in suits to get across a compelling message. The ETF market is thriving in Europe, and this work will help to reinforce Invesco as a major leader in the sector.”