Considering every touchpoint to, from and through the airport, this campaign makes Stansted Express the only way to transfer.

How we made Stansted Express the obvious choice

With so many options for getting to and from Stansted airport, we knew travellers would welcome a clear winner in terms of time, convenience and comfort.

For a ‘London airport’, Stansted is shockingly, nowhere near London. So your options for getting there to or from central London are either an extortionate taxi ride, being stuck on a cramped coach on the M11 for several hours or taking the Stansted Express train.


At only 47 minutes, Stansted Express really is the quickest, most convenient way. But how to encourage UK travellers to book online in advance? And EU travellers frequently arrive at the airport with no plan of how to get to central London. How do we catch their attention in a busy, overcrowded space?

We created a campaign with visual stand out and a unique tone of voice, that recognised the traveller’s need and mindset, at every stage of their journey. Witty, relatable headlines. Bold eye-catching illustrations. And a very simple call to action – Take the train.

The campaign ran with tailored messaging for every part of the journey. A takeover of Stansted Airport OOH media (which remains up for 2 years), in cross track and 6 sheet format on London Underground and in online banners. Now it’s also being rolled out across all of the brand’s social channels and website.

Chris Ford, Marketing Manager at Stansted Express said: “As soon as I saw this work in the pitch, I knew it would be right for Stansted Express. The campaign has given the brand a distinctive and approachable personality that customers actually want to engage with. The work looks great – and standing out in a busy airport is no mean feat! We’re really proud of it.”