Our bold headlines convinced commuters they could turn their travel time into a chance to learn with the OU.

How we snapped commuters out of autopilot for the OU

We knew unfulfilled commuters would welcome the news that they can study their way to something better.

Millions of employees drag themselves into unfulfilling jobs each morning. Many know that a new qualification could secure them a big promotion or even a new career. But they don’t think they have the time.

Our bold, disruptive campaign showed them that actually, they do. They could use their (on average 8) hours of weekly travel time to study towards a degree with the OU, and the job they really want.


Our nationwide tube, rail and road campaign cut through millions of journeys. We achieved 114% of our enquiry target, drove the ‘likelihood to enquire’ figure to the highest it had been in 3 years, and helped thousands of people start their journey to a better career.

Plus, the bold, action-oriented headlines won the Gold award for copywriting at the DMA Awards.