The most natural place to send stamps commemorating the Starman himself? Outer space, of course.

How we launched Bowie into space for Royal Mail

 With Royal Mail releasing a set of stamps to commemorate David Bowie, we knew fans would welcome a stunt as stellar as the Starman himself.

Many thought David Bowie was a visitor from another planet. So when Royal Mail released a collection of commemorative stamps, there was really only one place to launch them.

To celebrate a career of 52 years, we launched 52 sets of the stamps into outer space. And, just like Bowie, they fell back to Earth.

We gave Bowie fans across the world the chance to win one of these exclusive, extra-terrestrial stamp sets.

Through social videos, we released a series of clues to where the sets of stamps had landed back on Earth.  These helped fans hunt for the special Bowie stamps. They just had to drop a pin on the map where they thought they landed.

With a limited budget, we got the world talking, with titles like The Guardian, NME and Designboom all picking up the story of our interstellar philatelic fantasy.

The campaign generated 6.6 million impressions that converted into orders coming in from 42 countries.

And at the end of the campaign, 52 fans won a piece of Bowie’s stardust, delivered from space to their door.