Art director Mark Dickens and designer Eliot Pavesi celebrated all the other things that have happened on December 25th.

Celebrating the forgotten events of December 25th

LIDA’s Make Club celebrated Christmas by ignoring it… in favour of lesser-known milestones that are often overshadowed by the festivities.

As each of the events happened on 25th December, from the crowning of William the Conqueror (1066) to the first sighting of Halley’s Comet (1682), their anniversary often slips by unnoticed.

Some were world-changing events. Others, less so. LIke Dirty Den serving divorce papers to Angie Watts in Eastenders (1986).

We like to find the moments others miss and this was a great chance to tell some unexpected stories. Plus, we love that this range of cards feels naturally inclusive with its pay-off line ‘Whatever you’re celebrating’.