How we gave every art lover their own place in a gallery.

How we made art lovers a part of the Royal Academy

With the Royal Academy celebrating its 250th anniversary, we knew its supporters would welcome the chance to be written into its next chapter.

A key part of the RA250 celebrations would be a major redevelopment and restoration programme. The RA needed the support of art lovers to help them raise £3 million to remain the world’s foremost artist-led academy for the next 250 years.

So, just as the Royal Academy had made its mark on them, we gave art lovers the unique opportunity to make their mark on the RA – to become part of its very fabric.

‘Make your Mark’: Name a seat in the new lecture theatre. Restore a Great Thinker. Adopt a masterpiece. Take the chance to become a Founding Friend. By associating their donations to carefully selected projects, we gave supporters an emotional attachment to the redevelopment of the RA. A palette for them to show and share their passion.