Imagine picking a random card online one day, and having the real thing on your desk the next? We made magic happen with Royal Mail.

How we made magic for Royal Mail’s Programmatic mail

With a brief to launch Royal Mail’s programmatic mail, we knew marketers would welcome the news that there was now a fresh alternative to tired retargeting banners.

Retargeting customers based on their online browsing behaviour is a tried and tested tactic. Trouble is, with so many brands at it, it’s hard to stand out and be effective. But what if you could take retargeting, into the real world?

Programmatic mail does just that. Sounds slow? A bit difficult? That’s just what Royal Mail’s target audience thought. So we had to launch this new media technology – and bust myths about the channel.

Our solution was a simple product demonstration – with a magic twist. We asked the UK’s biggest media buyers to pick a card, any card, in an online game. The trick? That exact card turned up, as a printed piece, on their desk, 24 hours later.

We took the digital, and made it physical – in a day. Now that’s magic.

The card trick played out across a number of channels. We sent a mail pack, with a USB key that automatically launched the game, and also ran the trick in a series of digital display ads. Programmatic mail seamlessly links online and offline channels, so it was vital that our campaign did the same.

Our target was 50 high value media buyers in the first 12 months. We got 183 in just six months. An increase of 266%, in half the time. All learning how to match and online action, to an offline reaction – with the magic of Royal Mail’s programmatic mail.