Our personalised Ray-Bans turn every picture from your Instagram feed, into a unique pattern on the arm of your specs.

How we turned Insta feeds into one-of-a-kind accessories

With a brief to collect customer data, we knew Ray-Ban fans would welcome something special in return.

Ray-Ban came to us with a problem. Despite being the world’s most popular sunglasses brand, they knew almost nothing about their customers. In fact, they had the contact details of less than 1% of them.

So, how could we get customers to willingly share their data? Enter, LIFECODE.

LIFECODE pulls in every social media photo you’ve ever shared, and compresses them to create a unique code. A colourful, one-of-a-kind motif that’s 100% you.

In return for a little information, users get a unique piece of social currency that can be shared, printed on shades, and even scanned to get access to events and experiences.

We built an irresistible experience for Ray-Ban fans. And we gave Ray-Ban the contactable customer base they always wanted.

Data collection never looked so good.