LIDA opens pop-up shop in collaboration with hot Carnaby Street retailer We Built This City.

LIDA opens shop on Carnaby Street

At LIDA, we want to be the agency for the real world, not adland. It’s why we decided to launch ourselves in a shop on Carnaby Street, rather than in a private room at Soho House.

It means anyone can come and hear what we are about. Shoppers. Tourists. The people our clients actually want us to reach.

It’s all part of our plan to “Make work people welcome”. Work that is wanted and valued by customers. So we decided to put our agency story to the ultimate test. Will people pay money for a range of merchandise, based on an agency’s brand and point of view?

We turned our story into limited-edition prints, postcards, pins and patches, to see how it resonates in the real world. 

It’s a great bullsh*t detector for our agency’s positioning.

The awesome owners at indie London art, design and souvenir shop We Built This City liked what we had planned, and so the collab began.

Alice Mayor, Founder, We Built This City, added: “When we first saw LIDA’s merchandise range it really resonated with us – the typographic design and ‘creativity first’ messaging is something that we know will appeal to our customers on Carnaby Street.”

As well as products on the main shop floor, the lower floor will open to the public from Friday 1 March to Sunday 3 March. LIDA staff will be on hand to explain the story behind the shop.

Chief Creative Officer Ben Golik said: “An added benefit of being open to the public is the chance to meet people who’ve never heard of us, or our industry.”

“To truly Make Work People Welcome, we need to reflect the world we are trying to reach. There is no silver bullet for diversity, but getting out of the regular industry channels and opening ourselves up to all comers is certainly a positive step forward.”

The pop-up shop is open until Sunday March 3. Come by. Bring your mum. Ask questions. Buy stuff.

Proceeds from the sale of the merchandise will go to Create Arts, the UK’s leading charity empowering lives through creative arts.