LIDA’s Make Club created and sold a range of modern Valentine’s Day cards to raise money for the charity, Create Arts.

42 ways to say I (might) love you

Make Club is making love… or at least making love happen. To celebrate St Valentine’s Day, LIDA ditched the cupid clichés in favour of something more now.


With a vibe ranging from sweet to suggestive to straight-up stalker, the team made a range of 42 contemporary takes for the day of lovers, lusters and loners.

The initiative was born out of a desire to create a more inclusive and representative take on the event. Almost all of the cards were gender neutral. Messages were written to resonate with everyone from North Londoners to Brexiteers, Tinder addicts to non-binary cohabiters.

The project was part of the LIDA’s Make Club initiative which sees us creating our own products. The London Egotist and The Drum certainly both felt the love.

We look at these agency opportunities the same way we look at client ones: find an unmet audience need and work out the most creative way to meet it.

Proceeds from the sale of the cards was donated to Create Arts, the UK’s leading charity empowering lives through creative arts.