LIDA LIPO is the simple, affordable way to engage us in a project. Four sprints to take your brand places, fast.

Get an injection of new with LIDA LIPO

Longstanding client relationships are wonderful. We can get to know each other and become trusted business partners. But there are other ways to get great work out of LIDA.

Stand-alone projects can provide you and us with a targeted burst of simplification, inspiration and action.

LIDA LIPO is just one of our project solutions.

LIPO gives you an injection of new through four sprints: Listen, Imagine, Produce, Optimise.

Perhaps it’s your loyalty programme and its currency and value exchanges? Perhaps it’s your welcome and onboarding journey? Perhaps it’s renewing or reactivating customers? Point us toward your problem area and we’ll quickly make a difference.

Each sprint takes six weeks, starts at £60K off-the-shelf, and gives you clear, pre-agreed deliverables.

Listen Sprint 1 - LIDA LIPO

In the Listen sprint we consult with and genuinely understand your audience. We talk to your stakeholders. We absorb all the intel you’ve already gathered from research, other agencies and consultancies. This is not about doubling up on effort and expense you’ve already incurred. It’s about meaningful distillation.

Imagine Sprint - LIDA LIPO

In the Imagine sprint we nip and tuck your current programme or communications, redefining the strategy and making sure it’s doing everything it needs to for your business and your customers.

Produce sprint

The Produce sprint is all about the aesthetics. Auditing your creative and producing recommendations for newer, more beautiful creative principles and worked-through examples, including UX, design guidelines and tone of voice.

Optimise Sprint

And finally, Optimise, our aftercare programme of check-ups to make sure everything is running smoothly and to check on the wellbeing of everything that we have handed back over to you.

Get in touch to see how LIDA LIPO could sort your problem area.