A LIDA People Panel is the human way to sanity-check strategy and course-correct creative work.

Get a reality check with our People Panel

As a customer agency, it will be no surprise to hear that we love data. But we’re also keenly aware of its limitations. Data isn’t people. It’s a little slice of them. And often, that can lead to leaps of logic that just don’t pass the real-world test.

Enter the LIDA People Panel. A chance to humanise segmentations, sanity-check strategy and course-correct creative work.

You could say it’s just good, old-fashioned talking to people. What’s new is that we’ve taken away the agency agenda: the ‘pitch quotes’ and friendly casting carefully edited to justify our work.

We get your real customers together and ask them difficult questions. About your brand. And about our work. You’re welcome to join in too. Though we will warn you, it hurts sometimes.

From recent experience, we’d say you haven’t truly reviewed a piece of creative work until you’ve had it critiqued by a room full of 14-year-olds. Even our Creative Director learnt a thing or two.

Get in touch to find out how a LIDA People Panel could turn up a few home truths for you.