“Make” because we believe in action. “Work” because what we put into the world matters. “People” because we make human connections. “Welcome” because we add value.

Make work people welcome

This is LIDA summed up in four words. Make work people welcome.

“Make” because we are a creative agency that is defined by the things we put out into the world. Right through the customer journey, from acquisition to retention to life-long loyalty, it’s the love we put into what we make, that keeps your customers coming back for more.

“Work” because getting to great isn’t easy. We work harder to understand your customers better than anyone, so we can make work that truly connects with them. Not that we think of them as ‘customers’. They are people.

“People” because we need to see and understand the whole person. Not the slice of them that data lets us see. Understanding the person – their drivers, dreams, doubts and deal-breakers – means we can work out what they need from a brand. What they would welcome.

“Welcome” is a strong word to end on. It suggests our communications must not just be well-told, well-timed and well-targeted, but that people must actually want to receive them.

Work that is welcomed understands where people are at, and adds value to help them get where they want to be.

To do that, we might simplify a complex process, solve a tricky problem, provide ideas and inspiration… or simply make them smile. Something to earn a brand’s place in a person’s mind, heart or wallet.

Because whatever we do, we want to be sure we’ll be welcomed back. Time and again.

It all sounds good in theory. But what does it mean in practice? We believe to Make Work People Welcome, that work must pass three tests.

Well Meaning. Work that adds value. We solve, simplify, entertain, educate, inspire and inform people through the work we share.

Well Put. Work that has empathy. We find common ground with customers. We earn our place in their minds and in their lives.

Well Targeted. Work that is relevant. The right message for the right person at the right time for the right reason.

Get in touch to see how we can make work your customers will welcome.