LIDA works closely with The FA to create a reward and recognition programme to encourage young players.

LIDA win will make football more inclusive.

LIDA has been appointed by The Football Association to develop a new youth initiative, to increase inclusivity in the beautiful game.

LIDA is working closely with The FA to create a strategic vision for a Digital Youth Reward and Recognition programme that inspires a lifelong journey in football and with The FA, amongst five‐ to 11‐year‐old children and their parents.

By building a platform that fosters participation, activity and learning, the Superkicks programme will be a personalised and rewarding experience. LIDA has developed the ‘Kicker’ character to make the programme feel fun and friendly.

It ties in with The FA’s Digital Engagement strategy to make it easier and more rewarding for people to get involved in the game, no matter who they are and their background.

Russell James, Digital Engagement Director at The FA, said: “We’re thrilled to have LIDA on board. They demonstrated unparalleled passion for the project, as well as the deep expertise needed to capture the hearts and minds of our youth audience.”

Ben Golik, Chief Creative Officer at LIDA, said: “It’s rare that we have the opportunity to apply our skills and experience to a flagship initiative in the sporting world. Inclusivity and accessibility are a focus for The FA and we’re excited that we can inspire a passion for fitness and football in a new generation.”