Pins, patches, prints and postcards… here’s the story behind the stock in our shop.

Thanks to the makers behind Make Club

Make Club has been busy doing what it does best – making.

With a whole shop to stock, we got our make on with a ton of screen-printing, die-cutting, colour-matching and patch-stitching.

And while we love a pixel as much as the next digital native, it’s been cool to get hands-on with some proper production processes. What’s more, we’ve got to work with some great companies who are helping us all to keep in touch with the tactile.

Big thanks to Made by Cooper for the on-point pins, and Newspaper Club for our tasty tabloids. Both companies have revived old-school products with smart new tech and smooth UX.

This might be a marketing agency’s website but we are more than happy to plug others. Especially when they get their customer experience bang on.

Newspaper Club started as a smart way to monetise the (increasing) downtime of national newspaper presses. Idle machines don’t make money. So they collect designers’ digital files and farm them out to the next available press. So anyone with a mac can make a broadsheet. As the founders put it… “digital broke your business and now we’re coming for your machines.” Because it seems that if there is one thing we love in the ever-new world, it’s a bit of old-world. It’s telling that even digital-born and bred brands such as Mail Chimp have turned to Newspaper Club to get something memorable in the hands of its target audience.

Meanwhile, Made by Cooper’s smooth front-end makes it easy for indie designers to access the scale (and savings) of off-shore manufacturing… even if they only want a short run of enamelled pins or embroidered patches.

Businesses like this are winning because they’ve made processes than can feel complicated and inaccessible much more readily available. And also because, in a world of touchscreen thumb-scrolling, we do like to engage the rest of our digits from time to time.