LIDA commissioned to create light installation for Christie’s sale of Koons’ Rabbit sculpture

LIDA light turned on in Rockefeller Plaza to promote art sale

LIDA has created Christie’s first ever light installation, now illuminated on the auction house’s historic Rockefeller Plaza façade.

The installation is the centrepiece of a multi-market, multi-channel advertising campaign to promote the sale of Jeff Koons’ Rabbit sculpture – the very first of his famous, mirror-finish balloon animals.

In just four letters spelling out two words, the I/CON sign perfectly sums up the campaign’s exploration of the controversy that has long surrounded Koons’ work.

When first shown in 1986, some saw Rabbit as a lazy joke – a visual con that was not what it seemed. Others embraced the object’s sharp wit as a comment on consumerism.

For thirty years, the debate has continued, galvanising the piece’s ongoing fascination and relevance. On 15 May, one person will have the chance to “Own the controversy”.

Alex Rotter, Chairman, Post‐War and Contemporary Art, Christie’s said: “The story of this icon of postmodernism is far from straight‐forward, and this brave campaign tackles that head on.”

Ben Golik, Chief Creative Officer, LIDA added: “We wanted to embrace all of Rabbit’s contradictions and present both sides of the argument as being equally valuable to the story, and the value of the object today.”

Graham Phillips, Chief Strategy Officer, LIDA commented: “Rabbit was a thumb in the eye to the art world. We have embraced that spirit in our thinking, to create a homage to the controversy the work stirred up when it was first shown.”