Essentials to consider when talking to your customers.


by Ben Golik, Chief Creative Officer, LIDA

In a country deeply divided by Brexit, there is one thing that unites both sides: uncertainty.

With so many questions surrounding deal or no deal, in or out, election or referendum, customers are as confused as businesses about what might happen next.

All the more reason, we think, to consider how Brexit impacts customer communications. And to look at the big opportunity: how communicating with certainty, positivity and empathy can grow favour for your brand.

It starts with being on the front foot, by identifying how Brexit might impact your customer journey. With so much confusion in the big picture, start with the small things you can identify. Could supply-chain issues affect product availability? Could border delays impact delivery times? Might crashing out of the single market cause price rises in ingredients or components?

Now look at your customer journey. What communications exist that might need to be reconsidered? What might need to be added? And, very importantly, how will they sound?

Timing and tone of voice are the key drivers of reassurance. What will you say, and when will you say it? Get these right and you can keep the confidence of your customers, and perhaps turn a potentially negative situation into a positive opportunity for good service.

You can assure better timing by planning now. Audit your customer journey against potential Brexit impacts, and prepare the email and SMS templates you might need to deploy. Be ready to reassure your customers.

And how will you strike that tone of certainty and positivity? Here’s a handy mnemonic.

Brevity: Simple, clear messages will cut through concerns and confusion.

Respect: You are talking to leavers and remainers so don’t “blame” Brexit.

Empathy: Show you understand the impacts of the situation.

Xtra: How can you go above and beyond to create positive sentiment?

Impact: Plan for pain points: delayed deliveries, price rises, supply issues

Timing: Be prepared by having the right messages ready to go.

Of course, LIDA is here to help you with all of this. From tone to timing to templates, we offer Brexit Customer Insights, Brexit Journey Audits and Brexit Customer Comms planning and execution. Just email and we’ll start a positive conversation about Brexit.